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About Us


The company pursues a broad variety of projects, including the construction and renovation of residential properties, building maintenance and refurbishment, Decent Homes projects, specialist ceilings and floors related projects, public assembly areas and retail spaces.



The company provides a broad range of services, including but not limited to: scheduling, estimating, masonry, plastering, flooring, ceiling finishes, screeding, dry-lining, painting, tiling, electrical and mechanical, plumbing, bathroom and kitchen fitting, carpentry first and second fix, taping and jointing, bricklaying and partitioning.


Rom-Construct Ltd was founded in 2008 when Daniel Constantinescu, the actual Managing Director, noticed that the local construction market had an increasing demand for refurbishing and expanding existing properties rather than building new ones.The company’s first year of trading resumed to small private contracts refurbishing and maintaining individual properties one at a time using a small team of workers supervised and managed by Daniel himself. By the end of the first year, things were looking up as business was holding steady and without even knowing, the company had already met its first big client.


The start of 2009 brought an excellent collaboration opportunity with Westcombe Group, namely the refurbishment and maintenance of a stock of 450 properties throughout London that the Group had under its administration. Gaining experience and efficiency in the maintenance and refurbishment trades, by the end of the year, Rom-Construct was already searching for new opportunities.2010 was marked by the collaboration with big names in the construction industry such as The Apollo Group, Breyer Group Plc. and United House. During the year the company focused on ‘Decent Homes’ projects, mainly on kitchen and bathroom refurbishments.
The focus of 2011 was keeping and consolidating the previously formed collaborations while picking up small ‘new-build’ private sector projects. New opportunities were not overlooked so by the start of 2012 Rom-Construct was starting work on a new project as Principal Contractor. The project consisted in the complete refurbishment of the 6 storey+ basement, Kazakhstani Embassy building in Central London.


The company’s goal for 2013 is consolidating its position on the market and expanding to the public sector. Rom-Construct also intends to increase both its workforce and turnover with 30% by the end of the financial year.
Top management believes in an open door policy and our Managing Director is personally involved with each project. Such a “hands on” approach ensures that good relations are maintained between our clients and the company at all times.
We are acutely aware that development leaves behind it a large carbon footprint. We adhere strictly to all regulations relating to environmental issues, as set out by the Local Council and the Department of Environmental Affairs. Health and safety wise our key strategic objective is the achievement of “zero harm” by implementing a policy of zero tolerance to non-compliance with safety standards.