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Landscape & Garden

Do you have a garden but are unsure what to do with it? Are you finding yourself wishing that you had a more beautiful, useful and easier to maintain space? Or do you have a clear view of your ideal garden in mind, but do not know how to achieve it?
Whatever the case, ROMCONSTRUCT can help you transform your space from the slightly awkward and somewhat ugly caterpillar stage to the gorgeous butterfly stage; a garden which suits your needs and brings beauty and joy into your space.

In helping you design and build your dream garden, our priority is to create a garden which, whilst providing you with an extra living area, being a thing of beauty and encouraging wildlife, is not particularly high maintenance, therefore giving you time to sit back to enjoy it without too much labour
Turn your dream garden into reality with the help of ROMCONSTRUCT. Tell us all about your next gardening project and the seasoned specialists will take care of the rest. Your garden can look amazing all the time!